Develop your mind by drawings!

Learning to draw pictures from your imagination can be very useful, because you are not only learning to draw the stuff that you are imagining, you are building up your art style at the same time and this is the key ingredient of any artist.

Imagination pictures: droodles | rorschach test |

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To imagin a new picture. To imagination a new picture. Develop your creativity. By drawing a pictures you develop your imagination.

Why you do not share your picture with your friends?

Can you create more impressive picture? Try to imagine new picture. Draw it and save. Check your imagination.

Previous picture interpretation


Lithania forever!



Doodle isn't a happy
Let the war between cats and water begin!

Doodle cat googles t

Doodle Cat mad
Kitty doesn't like it when people say they hate cats...





funny man

pink white and purpole:D

A lady




опиамвока атеоамивмы
нрекпва пакрарарапкппка


Doodle... Mnocle cat
Doodle cat wine = win!

Thx fans!
Doodle cat

Doodle cat gets the

Doodle cat is bored
Moar tv time i guess...

Doodle cat
Replay nyan cat?

Doodle cat's blue sc
Doodle cat gets his first blue screen.

Doodle cat hates mat
Good kitty!

i should name this cat now. hmmm... Doodle Cat! btw the portals weren't my idea. google "Tomska" and find out where i got the idea.




First Face


Classic Car


что это такое?


big eye girl why i drew this you know i luv big eye girl





angry chick


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About Imagination

Developing the active imagination will be useful in any phase of life, career, or project. It is especially helpful in developing new ideas for writers and artists and others who deal in ideas. There are four steps which will help to understand the process more thoroughly.

"Imagination," says Webster, "can frame things which are not." Henry Ward Beecher tells us that "it is the very secret and marrow of civilization." Sir Benjamin Brodie (one of the presidents of the Royal Society) says, "The imagination ... . is the noblest attribute of man; the source of poetic genius, the instrument of discovery in Science, without the aid of which Newton would never have invented fluxions, nor Davy have de-composed the earths and alkalies, nor would Columbus have found another continent." This sweeping statement forms the text upon which Professor Tyndall based his famous article on "The Scientific Use of the Imagination," in the course of which he says : "Out of the facts of chemistry the constructive imagination of Dalton formed the atomic theory. Davy was richly endowed with the imaginative faculty, while with Faraday its exercise was incessant, preceding, accompanying, and guiding all his experiments. His strength and fertility as a discoverer is to be referred in great part to the stimulus of his imagination The final form of the Pyramid expressed the thought of the human builder."

Ask it in the Memory & Brain Function forum
1. You must first stop the logical mind to give your unconscious a chance to come into play.
2. The unconscious will begin to function in fantasies, images, and emotions. Have pen and paper handy and write these down.
3. The ego will step up. There will be judgment of the material that has been written.
4. Conclusions are drawn and acted on.

Consciousness is forever correcting, helping, interfering, and never leaving the physic to grow in peace. You must come up with a way to set the critical, judging conscious ego aside. The ego must learn to observe uncritically, alert, but not filtering. It begins by observing quietly how the fantasy develops. An example of how the conscious interferes with active imagination is: You plant a row of trees and worry that the roots are not getting enough nutrients, and you dig them up to check. That's what the ego does to the growth process it intends to nurture.

To begin to develop your active imagination, you can carry a small pad around with you to make note of any fantasy of the imagination. Notice the ego's reaction. A ritual can help get into an imaginative mode. Maybe sitting alone in a quiet peaceful place will open your unconscious mind to day dreaming and fantasy.

Jung wrote,"The creative activity of imagination frees man from his bondage to the 'nothing but' and raises him to the status of one who plays." This is the status that must be reached before active imagination can begin. When the unconscious is heard, it's important to give it expression. There is nothing more damaging to the psyche than self deception. you can deceive your neighbor or your spouse but when you deceive yourself you become the victim of your unacknowledged inferiority's.

Once the voice of the unconscious is heard, the ego can confront it. From this moment on we can speak of an active imagination. Now is the time the ego's questions, doubts, and judgment will set in. It becomes critical that the ego recognize the inner event as being safe and real as an outer event. The conscious ego is like a watch dog guarding the gate. He has to know and trust the person to let him in. The ego has to confront the unconscious with the limitations and conditions of the human world. The unconscious recognizes the reality of their own world but are unaware of human reality until the ego informs them.

Now a relationship can be formed between the conscious and the active imagination. From the play as a child we have come to the realization of our inner life and how we can appreciate the influence it has on our ego and imagination by helping us make better decisions to lead a more fruitful, inspired life.

What this means to me is that you can use your imagination to create what your future can become. Challenge yourself to make your life match your vision. It does not matter what your current situation or circumstance is - you can use your imagination to transcend any situation that does not match your imagined destiny.

The key to developing imagination lies in developing capacity for divergent thinking problems or open-ended problems. Imagination is what we often refer to as divergent thinking also. Some of the basic principles involved in designing such problems and activities are as follows:
Design open-ended problems pertaining to the learning style of the child.
Gradually increase the complexity of the problems.
Complexity of the problems may be enhanced by designing difficult problems in one or multi intelligence situations.



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